Loving your enemies might be proper theology but it is suicidal and I won't have it. Not anymore. Keep at it, my wife took a long time to come around because she is a much nicer person than me but now she is as red-pilled (often black-pilled) as me.

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Henry Schumacher

A day of vengeance? You are shitting me right? If some weirdos do that a bunch of Tn. good ol boys should absolutely mow their asses down. Enough of these sick shits and their agendas. And if the .gov or local cops don't like it THEY should be in the trash collection too. When America, when will you stand up?

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Re: Christian forgiveness

Nowhere in the Bible do you see forgiveness granted without repentance.

"Forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us"

In other words, if they ask for forgiveness and repent.

Churchians take Jesus' words on the cross out of context (Father, forgive these Romans, they're just doing their jobs, not necessarily those Jews, who said 'His blood be upon us and our children ')

Churchians use that as an excuse for virtue signaling.

TL;DR gas all trannys

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Seems like the day of trans vengeance has already been preempted by Audrey Hale.

Let's see... Trans Audrey shoots six at a school.

Trans community: Time for our vengeance!


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What this will engender, doctor is(I hope) more situational awareness among the Christian/Catholic community. I used to have a part-time job at a shooting range here in Winterfell(North ID). Regularly, I would wait on small groups of priests from the local parish who would come in and practice. The local evangelical mega church had their own separate security group of trained church members who would come in every quarter and shoot a qualification course.

One must remember the most powerful weapon humans have is the one between their ears. Too many devout believers are still living in La-La Land. They have no clue about situational awareness. I saw this as a Peace Officer in SoCal. As long as the Sheeple, Normalcy Bias fools, and "conservative cuckolds" keep their heads stuck in the sand, they will end up as meat-on-the-table for these deranged and demonic psychopaths. Bleib ubrig.

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Conformity, acceptance, finding one's true self are religion for the Left.

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Yah this event has a stink of rotten flesh.

Hey fbi, cia, dhs, fusion center heros, we are on to you and your ways. You can’t hide and neither can your FAMILY!!!

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Were I a terrorist holding a meeting I suspect my opening line would be -- "Before we begin, I want a show of hands of who here is NOT a Fed?"

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